How to Frugally Prepare for Old Man Winter’s Arrival

winter houseAs the temperature outside continues to drop and winter is waiting around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to save money during the upcoming cold stretch. Here are some frugal ways you can prepare for the chilly months ahead:

Circulate the Heat In Your Home:

Taking advantage of your ceiling fan can make a big difference to your heating bill. Since a ceiling fan causes hot air circulate upwards, you can make the warmth spread through your room. In the colder season, set your fans to rotate clockwise, augmenting the heat so your room stays cozy!

Use Your Thermostat Wisely:

If you have a programmable thermostat, it’s easier to control the level of heat in your home. If you leave for work and forget to turn your thermostat down, it will automatically adjust itself to produce less heat. It’s also smart to set your thermostat to a lower mode at nighttime, when you’re in an already warm bed.

Find Ready-Made Fuel:

If you live in a house with a wood-burning stove, you can easily save money by buying larger pieces of wood and chopping them up yourself, instead of purchasing split logs. An even cheaper option would be to gather some branches for your fireplace when you are taking a walk outside.
Buy Thicker Curtains:

Thick curtains will help keep the cold air from seeping through your windows. If you want to be extra thrifty, you can use old blankets to make quilted covers for your windows and door openings.

Replace Your Air Filter Regularly:

You should be checking your air filter every few months (even more often during the heating season) to make sure it isn’t clogged. A dirty filter makes your heating system work a lot harder than it needs to, so you may be in for a shock when you get your heating bill. Also, try to remove any obstacles that are in the way of your heating vents. They will prevent warm air and heat from flowing freely.