How to Get Free Stuff

Free_Stuff__section_logosIs it really possible, despite assurances that “there is no such thing as a free lunch” that you can as a consumer get all sorts of freebies (and not just lunch either!).

There are all kinds of free products and services available- but they take a little more effort to source and act on at times.

Read your Receipt

I mean read your receipt all the way down to the bottom. Retailers and restaurants frequently (like very frequently) run time limited offers for things like free appetizers or buy-one-get-one free type things.

Make sure to ask your server or clerk to clarify details about the freebies advertised on the bottom of receipts. They often have limitations and rules attached, like only good Monday-Thursday or only valid during certain hours of operation.

Getting free things may not always fit your schedule, but a little flexibility can go a long way to stretch your dollar.

Receipts often offer chances to enter contests too.

Fill out Surveys

Retailers and restaurants really want to know how they did serving you. In fact, your opinion is so valuable to them, that they are willing to compensate you! If you are willing to fill out a survey about your consumer or patron experience, you are often eligible for discounted or free product or services.

At the checkout, or when you pay your bill at a restaurant, ask about such opportunities.  You sometimes have to enter a code, which is often located on your receipt (again the importance of keeping your receipts! Not just for returns!)

Cruise the Right Sites

Retailers love, love the whole concept of “try before you buy” (and so do consumers, because it means freebies). Companies are often more than willing to send samples of items so that you can try them out.

Check out some of your fave companies online and see if they offer anything. Sometimes you have to sign up for a newsletter or coupon distribution (which is a good idea anyways).

If they don’t advertise anything, than call them. It always amazes me, in this world where we spend so much time connecting virtually, the power (and the results) that you can yield just by talking to a live person!

Happy Birthday!

No matter your age, your birthday is a day worth celebrating and restaurants the world over know that too. In fact, they want you to come (with all of your entourage and their spending power) and spend your special day at their establishment.

Restaurants offer things like free dessert, free appetizers or even free meals to the birthday celebrant. Several chains offer this across the country, but it is worth investigating with a quick online search, because policies change frequently.

Note, too that a lot of these things are not necessarily advertised, but asking when you get seated, can usually get you something.

Many gyms and yoga studios will remember you on your birthday with a free class or two. Some even extend your birthday gift to cover your whole birthday week- meaning flexibility as to when you go, or the chance for multiple visits.

Rewards Programs

Numerous retailers offer rewards programs that are as simple as signing up for a free card when in store making a purchase. You can acquire points while shopping for your regular goods. The idea is that you can eventually accumulate enough points to redeem towards discounts on some of your purchases, like groceries and pharma.

It’s not a lot of extra work, and you can really leverage these programs if you pay attention to promotions, where certain items are awarded bonus points- which can really add up over time.