How to get top dollar for your house

Did you know that there are seasons to real estate? Typically, the spring season (which actually in real estate terms begins towards the end of February, beginning of March) is the real estate prime time if you are considering selling your house.


However, you can’t just throw a sign in the ground and expect to get top dollar for your house. You may not be keen to spend lots of money redecorating or on a home stager either. Here are a few basic, cost-friendly ways to get your house looking its best for potential buyers.


Nothing screams “small space” like jam packing an area full of Knick knacks, books, décor and excess furniture. You want to create the sense of space by letting the light and the air flow through.

Pare down on furniture and only keep the absolute essentials. Put the rest in storage, sell you could make money decluttering or give away.

Decluttering extends to the walls as well. Don’t load up on artwork. Pick a few pieces and make them focal points.

Skeletons in the closet

When you are decluttering, don’t forget your cupboards and drawers. It was hilarious when the bowling ball hit John Candy in the head when he opened a closet in Uncle Buck, but wouldn’t be so funny if the same happened to a prospective buyer exploring your home’s storage space (which they will!).


While your home is your place for self-expression, this doesn’t really extend to when you are trying to get top dollar for your home. It’s all about creating a space that buyers can see their own lives unfolding in.

Remove photos and personal mementoes (it’s only temporary!)

Small projects

Now is not the time to take on major renos, although throwing on a new coat of paint is a highly recommended, cheap way to freshen a space. Tackle small repair projects, like leaky faucets and broken handles.