How to Save Money on Gas on Your Road Trip

Road tripping this summer? Save money on gas

Are you hitting the open road this summer? Summer is great for road trips, but it is also high season for gas prices. Here are some tips on how you minimize gas waste and your costs this summer.

Start with your tires

Want to improve your gas mileage? Make sure that your tires are properly inflated.

Be a light-footed driver

The harder you press the gas pedal, the more gas your burn. Get in the habit of being even and light when accelerating. Lead foots may get to their destination more quickly, but they waste gas and money too.

Take a break from the brakes

Avoid slamming on your brakes and accelerating in quick succession, as often happens when driving in traffic. Instead, accelerate slowly and coast whenever you can until you need to stop.

Embrace the hills

Let gravity work in your favour and save you some gas mileage. Accelerate slowly when going up hills and take your foot off the pedal after you crest the hills. If you need to brake, do it slowly so that you don’t need to accelerate again.

Lighten your load

Make your car less wind-resistant (and more streamlined) by emptying out the trunk. The lighter your car is, the more efficiently it will run.

Don’t idle

Get in the habit of turning off your ignition in drive-thrus. You are just wasting gas.

Plan your fill ups

Don’t wait until your tank is empty to fill up, because you’ll be at the mercy of whatever the pump is charging in the moment. Avoid hitting gas stations located close to the highway, because you’ll pay a premium. Typically, if you buy gas early in the day or later at night, gas prices will be lower.