How To Save Money While Redecorating

091709-thriftydecorideasEvery now and then, we take a look around our home and yearn for a change. It may seem so easy to move a few pieces of furniture around and replace a curtain or two, but after a few days you’ll step back and realize that your minor redecoration has taken flight and is now a massive (and expensive) undertaking.

Don’t worry (and definitely don’t put back up those outdated drapes), redecorating can be inexpensive and still look good. It might be tempting to go off the rails a little bit but there are ways you can stay within your budget and be happy with the results. Here are a few ways to do that:
1. Set A Budget

A very important step one. You don’t want to splurge on designer paint for every room of the house just to realize you have nothing left for brushes. Work out every area of décor you hope to cover and exactly how much you can spend. Don’t leave out the small stuff, even drawer handles should be accounted for.

2. Buy Secondhand

This idea isn’t as stomach turning as it would have been before ‘vintage’ looking pieces became all the rage. The important thing to remember is that you really only have to like the shape of an object; you can always paint, stain and replace anything about it you don’t like.

3. Only Paint One Wall

Instead of buying enough paint to redo an entire room, you can get away with buying the smallest can and only painting one accent wall. One wall that is a different, contrasting colour is an easy and quick way to make a room pop.
4. Small Things Make A Difference

Just like with one accent wall, there are small changes you can make that will make a huge impact. Door pulls and handles can make an entire kitchen look refurbished and for a fraction of the cost. Matching plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures and doors pulls can actually fool friends into thinking you redid everything.

5. DIY Wherever You Can

Websites like pinterest and DIY online tutorials can really help in getting your creative groove on and doing most of the decorating yourself. You’d be surprised how easy it is to make a room look cozy and still chic. A can of spray paint can spruce up an old dresser easily while inexpensive fabric and a hot glue gun can update old frames for fabulously displayed photos.