I’m Board

boardgamesselectionHow else can you be a wealthy landowner or solve a murder mystery while sitting at your kitchen table than during family game night?

While you can’t put a price tag on time spent together as a family, outings and activities can be costly. One great way to spend time together, have lots of fun (while also encountering a number of teachable moments) and be mindful of the household budget is to have a regular family game night.

Board games are numerous and there are some that are still kicking around after generations of fun; this list is obviously not comprehensive, but these are some gems to have on your shelf in preparation for your next game night.


What I love about this game is the way in which players glide their way through dictionaries with absolute triumph, challenging bizarre words, which often times are indeed correct. You wouldn’t think spelling would be exciting, but this game proves otherwise! For younger kids, break out Scrabble Junior.


If you can measure the success of a game by the volume of laughter, than this one where charades meets art class is a sure winner.  There is great delight for kids in finding out that mom and dad are goofy and/or poor artists all at the same time.


This iconic game and its cast of characters never gets old. Part of its long lasting appeal is the versatility in its plot line. Who dunnit? Someone new every time!


This game is wonderful when kids are learning to count. The bright colours and the length of the game are perfect for younger kids and for those playing with them.


Fabulous for kids of all ages (junior and special editions with local real estate are widely available), this property game is a great money management teaching tool. Pint-sized land barons can learn how to count money and how to invest wisely in real estate. This game can also plant the seed to start learning about debt management and payments as well.

Card games

Have a deck of cards? You have hours and hours of entertainment, as well as endless possibilities for games. From Go Fish to War to Hearts, cards have helped fill an empty evening for generations.


After decades of socked feet and hands heading in opposite directions, this bendy game is still a crowd favourite. It’s very good for kids that are a little more active and have a hard time sitting through a traditional board game.


Gravity vs. the family. Who is going to win? This structurally savvy game takes building blocks to a whole new level and can be enjoyed by kids (and grownups) of all ages.


World domination anyone? This game of shrewd strategy teaches older kids about risk, reward and a little geography at the same time.


While this is a one on one game, this one is shriek-worthy for the fans on the sideline. Eye-hand coordination, racing against the clock? It doesn’t get more exciting than this.