Jump on the holiday – and not Halloween

Christmas gift on defocused lights backgroundJump on the holiday- and not Halloween

Ok Internet, I’d like a collective round of applause. I am proud to say I have actually made my first Christmas purchase, and the calendar says we are still soundly in October territory.

I note this, because this is a rarity-although I know full well I should get my holiday shopping in full swing every year. I seem able to budget properly- but my challenge seems to be time management and coming up with ideas .

I have to say, in getting just one (two actually!) presents out of the way, I feel a lot more relaxed. Can you imagine how it would feel to get it all done? Why didn’t I do this before?

Plan for Spontaneous Shopping

Usually, when shopping within a budget, we always preach the benefits of planning ahead. In this particular instance, I came upon a huge sale on toys that were likely being cleared out in advance of the major holiday season. This underscores the importance of earmarking money in advance for holiday shopping. It’s ok to be spontaneous when you’ve actually anticipated it.

Be Proactive

This is something I do anyways, because I am a writer. Carry a notebook. Or use your smartphone- but be prepared to write things down on the fly. The best ideas are usually generated at odd, unexpected times. Be prepared to record them.

Set a list now, and think about potential gift items for your list members. Do some sleuthing (i.e. ask kids or their parents what they are in to, sizes, etc.).

Pay attention in conversations with loved ones. They may be dropping hints that they don’t even know of.

Stocking Stuffers

These little gems are notoriously hard to think of, and can end up costing way more than they should. When you are out, doing other errands, keep your eyes open for these little items on sale (think bath products, spices and small toys).

You can accumulate these over time and save yourself money and headache!