Keep Black Friday shopping in the black

It’s just one week until “the” day in the shopping calendar when bargain hunters unite: Black Friday. Although the low loonie may have you staying close to home this year, you can still score some sweet deals on Black Friday and get a chunk of your holiday shopping done (win, win). However, like with all things budgeting, if you don’t plan ahead, you could blow your budget- and your Black Friday could put you in the red.

List it

Your shopping trip starts long before you hit the mall. Take some time now to make a comprehensive list. Don’t just list who you need to buy for. Go one step further and list potential gift ideas and allocated costs. For extra points, plan which store(s) you think you might most likely find said item in.

Recon work

Lay those flyers out on the table like a builder laying out their housing plans. You need to construct your shopping plans with the best products with the best prices.

Things like toys and electronics are notorious best sellers on Black Friday, and you can get some decent deals. Read the fine print in the flyers. Often the really good deals are based on product availability, so if there is something at the top of your list, make sure you make that your first stop.  And make it early.

Bring a snack

As far as shopping goes, Black Friday is one of the more strenuous events. Make sure that you’ve got some snacks and water stashed in your purse. There is nothing like low blood sugar to force you towards impulse shopping and/or the food court.

Plastic stays home

The best way to really stick to your budget? Leave the credit cards at home and adopt a cash-only attitude. Match your list to your budget- and when the money is spent- so are you!