Kids at home during the holidays?

Holiday shopping done (or almost)? Check. Baking and decorating done. Check. Ready to get your festive groove on. Check. Congratulations on your fine holiday prep!

But- have you remembered absolutely everything? As in, don’t forget the kids are going to be off school for two weeks plus. If you don’t already have childcare and/or activities planned, you may want to get those particular ducks in a row, so you don’t blow your budget in a panic.


If you have to go into work over the holidays, propose a modified work schedule, or the option to telecommute (at least partially) to your boss. If you can come in early and leave early (or vice versa), maybe your spouse could do the opposite- and you can save yourself a chunk in childcare.

Free activities

At a time of year where you are already spending so much, the word “free” has special meaning. Check out your local recreation centre for sponsored free swims, gym time or public skating. It is getting more popular for major corporations to sponsor these events, which means you get fit for free with your family.

The holiday camp

There are loads of holiday camps around, and many offer a single day option to help you out with child care in a pinch. There are lots of sports camps or holiday themed activities and your kids will have a blast.

Creative child care

Got a friend or neighbour in a similar situation? Share the load and swap out child care with each other. This can be handy too- not just for work- but if you are racing around doing last minute holiday prep stuff.

Know any reliable teenagers? They’re off during this period too and generally charge less than formal daycare. They’re probably looking to earn some holiday cash too.