Kids back to school? Looking for some “me-time” treats?

Kids almost back to school? Dreaming of “me time? “ It’s almost time for that school bus to pull away from the curb for the first time in the school year. And while you may have treasured the extra time that you got to spend together with the kids during summer vacation, you are probably in serious need of some self-indulgence.

The big problem is, with back-to-school shopping taking a serious bite out of the budget today, and holiday spending taking another serious bite in the near future, there is likely very little leftover to treat yourself.

If you are creative, and embrace the spirit of self-indulgence, you can certainly enjoy a little parental pick-me-up without breaking the bank.

Date night make over

You may have missed your regular date night during the summer for a variety of reasons. How about meeting up with your significant other for lunch or for breakfast- say while the kids are in school (which means that you save on babysitting)?

The mini-treat

What’s your pleasure? Are you a coffee fanatic? Wine connoisseur? Shop-’til-you drop?

This is a case of where less is more. Pick one thing that you really covet (a nice bottle of wine; a premium cup of coffee or decadent dessert or maybe one new item of clothing) and indulge.  You’ll savour whatever it is that much more.

Home spa

While you may totally love a day at the spa, it may not in the budget.  What about a decadent bath, complete with candles and some lovely new bath products?

If you do DIY mani, pedi and facial, you’ve pretty much got the spa experience at home for a fraction of the price.

Be a browser

Shopping with kids in tow isn’t exactly a relaxing experience. Set aside some time to wander and look at things without distraction. Spend the afternoon in the bookstore sampling new titles. Go antiquing or window shop in a trendy boutique area where you don’t usually go.