Make your small space bigger

There comes a time where yhomeou might feel that your home is too small, but moving somewhere larger is not in the budget. Or perhaps you’ve just moved into your own (small) apartment or condo.

While the square footage may suggest that your space is small, your eyes don’t have to know that. There are numerous ways to make a small room seem bigger, that don’t require moving or knocking down walls.

Mirror, Mirror

One of the oldest (and most useful) tricks in the book. Swap out artwork for mirrors and let the light and reflection open the space up. Another trick to refract the light is to use glass table tops, which lets the light (and your sense of space) flow through

I did this in my old house, when I felt like the walls were closing in a little bit, and it really works.

Look up

Space is not just physical- it is a concept as well. Draw the eye in and upwards, creating a sensation of space and height with cool pendant light fixtures.

You can also accomplish this sense of height with longer curtains and an interesting, chunky curtain rod.

Small space, small furniture

Yes, I know your overstuffed couch is awesome. And that there is no place like it in the universe to curl up and take in your DVR marathon, but nothing will cramp a space in then furniture that is too big for the space.

Try to pare down. Make sure that furniture that you do have in a room is appropriately sized. You can always bring in an extra chair etc. from another room if you need to accommodate guests.

Neutral Colours

I admit, I love deep, rich paint colours. That said, I love them more when I see them in a space that I don’t inhabit.

Lighter, neutral paint colours, while not always as interesting, will go far to create a sense of space. Dark colours box you in.

Area Rugs

Not only are area rugs cool and keep your feet toasty, they create the illusion of a “room within a room”. Try putting one underneath a dining room table- you’ll see what I mean.