March Break Money Madness

Wallet-friendly ways to keep kids busy

No more teachers and no more books.  With March Break in full swing, the pressure is on for parents to find fun and enriching activities while school is our.

However, with the average household debt sitting at 164 per cent, it’s difficult for the families to have a memorable spring break vacation without letting their spending get out of control.

Here are a few ways to help families have a great March Break on shoestring budget:

Get off the couchJust because school is out, doesn’t mean kids can’t get some exercise.  Go to a local skating rink, toboggan hill or pool to get active as a family.

Movie marathonMarch doesn’t always promise the nicest of weather.  On those less than lovely days host an indoor family party.  Borrow some movies from the library, make some popcorn and have a pajama party.

CrafternoonKids love to be creative and use their imaginations.  Hit up your local dollar store for inexpensive craft supplies and have a fun afternoon of crafting.  Turn your house into a gallery to display their creative work.

Family cook outBond with your kids in the kitchen.  Teach them how to bake their favorite cookies, or even let them plan and cook a family meal.

Game-a-thonNothing creates memories quite like playing games as a family.  Pull out all of your favorite board games, or even create your own, for a day of fun family competition.

Make it a group affairGet together with other families and plan different activities throughout the week.  Each family can host the group of kids on different days and plan activities for their day of the week.  This takes the pressure off parents, who only have to plan for one day and may not have the entire week off from work.

There is no need for March Break to be a week of money madness.  With a little frugal creativity and imagination, families can create wonderful memories without busting their household budgets.