Money Keeping you up at Night?

sleep-make-me-happy-3We’ve all been there- tossing and turning through sleepless nights. No doubt there is any number of things that could be keeping us awake. But what happens when it is financial stress that is keeping you up?

If you are reading this at 3am, scroll down and then go back to bed. Tomorrow is going to be different because you have a plan.

Formulate a Plan

It doesn’t matter if it is detailed to begin with. Part of dealing with stress is trying to gain control over your situation. It’s about making your worry efficient.

Start by sitting down in a calm space and identifying the problem or problems so that you can identify possible solutions.

How did you get where you are? Living beyond your means? Job Loss? Divorce? Addiction of any kind? Each of these problems have solutions, so rest easy. The next step is to determine what they are.

Ask for Help

The good news is that there is loads of help available, whatever your problem is. Asking for help is nto always easy (in fact, I think it is complete act of bravery) but it is your first measurable step towards fixing your problem.

What kind of help do you need? Maybe all you need is to reach out to friends and family. Maybe you need to consider consolidation of debts, credit or other kind of counselling.

Asking for help is the first step towards change.

Commit to Change

Once you’ve consulted with whomever you’ve determined to be your best ally and you’ve determined some appropriate measures to take, commit to the change that you are undertaking. It’s not going to be easy and it may take time, but it will most certainly be better than the spot you’re in now.

Remember to Breathe

Breathing is necessary not only to sustain your life, but to maintain your mental health. Make a point every day (especially during times of stress) to practice deep breathing where you inhale deeply and slowly. This has the by-product of calming your muscles as well as slowing your pulse, while centering your thoughts.