Money savers for multiples

Any parent will tell you that raising kids is expensive. Now consider taking that expense and doubling it (or more) all at once. That’s what the parents of multiples are faced with once they realize that their bundle of joy has grown from singular to plural.

All parents need to be budget aware and parents of multiples even more so.

Make your own food

For your everyday grocery shopping, you may be familiar with the concept of economies of scale, which is why you can really save money buying in bulk. The same principle applies when it comes to feeding your babies.

While finding time to make your own food may be the real challenge (hint: this is a job you can farm out to your friends and family with your undying gratitude). Simply double up on the recipes and freeze in ice cube trays. When feeding time comes, pop it out and defrost in microwave or overnight in the fridge. Not only is this cheaper, it is a healthier option as well.

Your sweet ride

For unique (and expensive) pieces of equipment, like a double stroller, become a yard sale ninja. You can also check out consignment stores, but you’ve got to be quick to swoop in to snap that treasure up (note- get friendly with your consignment store folk and ask them to keep an eye out and let you know before it even hits the showroom floor. A strategic cup of coffee can go a long way).

The diaper challenge

Your best bet is to buy as much as you can in bulk, which works very well if your warehouse club stocks your preferred brand. If not, subscribe to the mailing lists for your favourite brand, so that you can set up a fairly steady flow of discounts. Ordering your diapers online can be a huge savings as well.

Beware the no-names. For some babies, they are a great thrifty alternative, but for many, they’re not as durable as the name brand, so you end up using more. Money savings gone.