My budget is beautiful!

skincare-beauty-1050x700Fortunately for me, my pre-teen daughter has yet to discover makeup and beauty products. I say fortunately in part because of the implementation of a new battle ground (you can’t go out like that!) that comes with new stages of parenting- but also because of the budgetary battles that could ensue.

Beauty products are not cheap. There is an argument that they are not totally essential either, especially if you trying to stick strictly to a budget. However, I believe that your budget could (and should) be beautiful.

Recognize the role

Part of the appeal of beauty products is, believe it or not, how they make you feel- rather than how they make you look (which seems a bit contradictory, I realize).

Even though it may be difficult to justify the spending at times, this is the kind of “indulgence” that can reap positive rewards.

No Need for Names

One way to slice and dice your beauty product budget is to ditch the name brands. No name brands for things like soaps, shampoos and bath products are a fraction of the price. You can fill that tub up with as many bubbles as you like.

Drugstore Diva

While drugstore cosmetics get a bad rap compared to other department store brands, you can fill up your cart (and moisturize your face, apply makeup and paint your nails) with some decent quality products at a much lower price.

Check out some the ingredients in higher end products that you like. See if you can find similar concoctions in the beauty aisle at the pharmacy.

Knock it Off

Do you have a favourite scent? Knock off perfumes can mimic these fairly closely at a deeply discounted rate.

Approach this one with caution- and test things out. Some knock offs will, well, knock you out.

Home Spa

Does your beauty budget include the occasional trip to the spa? That might be hard to justify when it comes to your monthly spending, but if you DIY, you will save a lot of money.

Host a spa night at your house with some girlfriends. Everyone is responsible for a body part, and for bringing the appropriate cosmetics and/or products.

Contact your local beauty school to see if any aestheticians in training would like a few folks to practice on for a discounted fee, of course.