Need Extra Cash?

308223-001Despite your best efforts to cut your spending, do you find that your dollars just don’t stretch far enough to cover your expenses every month?

Maybe the answer to balancing your is not in the cost-cutting. Maybe you need to boost the income side of things.
If you’ve got a little extra time (which is really the challenge), you may have the opportunity to earn some extra money right under your nose.

Time is Money

Before you balk at the notion of taking on something else, consider the entrepreneurial opportunity that may already exist in your leisure time.

If you have a hobby that gives you skills or products that people might pay money for, you could accomplish the proverbial two birds with one stone.

You don’t need more time! You need to make profitable use of the time that you have! Here are some hobbies that could earn you extra cash.


Are you conspicuously absent from photos at family gatherings or events with friends? Is this because you are uber camera shy, or because you are always the one, behind the lens framing the shot? People will pay for good photography- especially for family shots.

You may already have invested in some equipment for your own personal use, which can do double duty.


Do your spare minutes mean a trip to the gym or to your local yoga studio? Maybe you could lead the class, or take on clients to help them get fit, letting you earn some extra cash while you pursue your own fitness goals?


Are you hounded after every pot luck for recipes (which chances are, if you are a creative cook, you don’t even use)?

Consider starting up a small catering business on the side. I actually did this for a while at one point. It is a lot of work, but can be quite lucrative.

Concentrate on niche markets, where people are willing to pay others to help them entertain- or even feed their families, for things like cakes, pastries and personal chef services.

Artsy? Crafty?

Does your jewelry box consist of delightful homemade baubles?  How about painting, woodworking, knitting or other crafty ideas?  You may be producing wares that others would happily purchase.

It’s not too hard to set up your own website to promote your items for sale, or set up camp at your local open air markets or fairs.