No such thing as a free lunch? Think again!

If you are a savvy consumFree Stuffzer, there are loads of freebies to be had out there. You just have to know where to look.

Try before you buy

Companies are more than willing to share free samples to convince you to buy. It can be a good way to amass things like household items, cosmetics and toiletries, but is also a good move as a consumer. It gives you a chance to investigate your purchases and the quality of product without money leaving your wallet.

Read your Receipt

Like all the way down.

Many restaurants and retailers offer discounts or contest entries, printed at the end of your receipt.

You usually have to fill in survey or some such thing-but spend the time. There is something in it for you!

Enter contests

Ok- this one is a long shot. But think about it. Somebody has to win. Why not you?

You may have your heart set on hitting the lottery jackpot, but there are many other smaller contests that offer products and services- which could be as lucrative for you.

Subscribe to restaurant emails

Visit your favourite restaurant’s website, and often times simply for agreeing to be on their email list, they offer freebies like appetizers or desserts.

The upside to these is that they will continue to email you special promotions and coupons, so the savings could potentially continue.

Rewards Programs

Do you have the points card for where you shop? If not, sign up today. You are literally missing out on free stuff, simply for buying things that you need to buy anyways (PC Plus, Optimum, PetroPoints etc.)

A lot of retailers offer rewards via AirMiles and Aeroplan rewards as well. These points are not just redeemable for travel (as the name suggests) but offer numerous merchandise rewards as well.

It can be a viable way to save up to buy things like electronics, experiences (like restaurants and spas), toys and many more. It’s also a great way to cut costs when you are planning a trip.