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The 4-Week Challenge: Save H20 like a pro

We’re always being told to save water. It’s a resource that isn’t as abundant as we’d like to believe and it can cost an arm and a leg if you abuse its use in the home. Hence, the many water saving tips that also translate into money saving tips in the long run.

Spring Cleaning for Your Car

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to clean your home, your finances and even your car.  Taking the time this spring to maintain your vehicle can help protect your investment and save money in the long run. If you are like most frugal families, then like us you are always looking for […]

Home Organization: Rules to live by

Keeping in theme with our segment on de-cluttering, this post will be dedicated to the general organization that is required after everything unnecessary has been thrown away or donated. Good organization skills do not come naturally to everyone but never fear; these five tools will get you on your way to being the most organized […]

Getting through the clutter: The 3-day theory to get you organized

The de-cluttering process is not one that people enjoy; however, the end result is never disappointing and always rewarding. When a family has a basement, they are more likely to hold on to unnecessary things that could easily be parted with.  Start with this post and then get started.

30 Frugal Ways to Make Mom Smile

When it comes to Mother’s Day, we all want to make sure our Moms feel loved and appreciated – But it’s not always easy to think of ways to spoil her when you are on a tight budget. This Mother’s Day think outside of the gift box and give your Mom something that comes from […]