Post Holiday Me Time

Chances are, in the aftermath of holiday merriment, you are completely tapped out- physically and financially.

If you are lucky enough to have survived the season with sanity intact, you may be considering rewarding yourself with a special treat. However, with all the money no doubt spent on gifts for others, one might feel that the options are limited. While an indulgent trip to the spa might be out of the question, there are other ways to grab some “me time” without a hefty price tag.

Set it up

The greatest thwart to “me time”, especially during a school break, is lack of planning around childcare. Arrange this early. Even if you are going to stay home to celebrate the “me time”, have your partner keep the kids upstairs while you are downstairs, or vice versa. Suggest an outing involving outdoor play or a playdate at a friend’s house to get the whole house to yourself. And peace and quiet. Sigh.

Take a Nap

So simple- but so coveted and so necessary at this point in the season.  Think about it- a couple of hours devoted simply to you, during which you are obligated to do nothing but rest.

Napping is a treat, and is something that is rarely savoured simply for its indulgences.

Play with Your New Toys

Grown ups get “toys” too! What did you score this season in the gift dept? Try on your new clothes or learn how to use your new gadget. No matter what was on your list, take this opportunity to enjoy and explore.

Go for a Walk/Run

Get dressed and head outdoors to enjoy some quality time with yourself, while taking in the winterscape that nature offers at this time of year.

Watch for slippery sidewalks, and make sure you are dressed, but this time of year offers some unique scenery that can be quite beautiful. Head out to your local park or conservation area, or even go for a stroll around your neighbourhood.

Read a Book

Blanket? Check. Fireplace? Check. Hot beverage of choice? Check- now all that is missing from this scene of decadent relaxation is a good book. Perhaps you got one for Christmas that is calling your name. Perhaps there is a trip to your local library in your future?


Take a Bath

This kind of bath has very little about getting clean, and is more about relishing the warmth and the time associated with a nice, long soak.

Get out some nice bubble bath or aromatic salts. Grab a glass of wine and a magazine and hang the “do not disturb” on the bathroom door. Family has been warned!

Catch up with Girlfriends

Did December zip by without a visit with some of your BFF’s simply because other obligations crept in? Take a couple of hours and hook up for some coffee and make your “me time” a joint effort.

Serial Relaxation

Take this opportunity to get to know a new series on TV- by watching several episodes in a row, either on DVD, online or on demand.

This provides a unique perspective on a show, watching episodes back-to-back, and can make for a really immersive experience.