Ready for your road trip?

It’s spring break season, depending on where you live, which means road trips! Although a cost-effective way for a family to travel, expenses can creep in. Here are some ways in which you can stay on budget (and keep your sanity intact during the car ride).


Cheap gas

Although gas is cheaper than it has been in months, it still represents a big chunk of your travel costs. Be proactive before you fill up by doing a little research. There are a number of apps that will direct you to the cheapest gas near your location. A good website too is, where you can lay your trip out and plan your fuel stops.

Junior artists

How about some washable window crayons for your youngster to doodle all over their window while you are driving? Don’t worry- they wash off.

Another great car art activity are drawing prompts (i.e. half-finished pictures) that let kids do their own thing, and are downloadable from a number of sites online. This is a little different than your usual colouring book- perfect for a special trip!

Hit the dollar store

Put together a secret treasure trove of toys from the dollar store to be revealed at various mile markers along the road. You can buy some fuss-free time here! Well worth your dollar.

Pack the toys in separate bags, or keep the bag with you in the front, and reveal as you go.

Plan to stop

Even though it may take more time to get to your destination, it is well worth it to stop along the way and stretch your legs.

Try to find a roadside restaurant with an indoor playground. You can eat and play for free at the same time.

Pack your own

The other great distraction? Food! Pack a cooler with loads of snacks and drinks- along with some special trip treats too. Really, every great trip comes down to the food, right?