1-milk-bath-400x400With the temperature dropping, is there anything more indulgent (and welcome) than a nice, hot bath? Also, with the holiday season approaching, there is a great opportunity to employ a little DIY when assembling gifts for your list members- and also give a little piece of the relaxation and retreat that a hot bath offers.


Especially if your bath goods are intended to be gifted, you should pay attention to how you package them. DIY gifts are of good quality and also involve the gift of your time (is there a more precious commodity these days?). Cool jars, funky labels and good quality paper can support optics, and go for to support your new product “brand”.

Body Scrub

When it comes to special bath products, it is all about the scents and textures. Some fragrances can be overwhelming though, and you must be mindful of that when preparing gifts for others.

One treat-infused, yummy smelling and effective bath treat is brown sugar body scrub. There are numerous recipes available online, but a good basic one is add one cup brown sugar, a third to a half cup oil (light olive oil is good because it is less greasy) and two tablespoons of honey. Throwing in a splash of cinnamon or vanilla extract with add warmth and dimension to the scent.

Stir and package in something pretty.

Light er’ up

The bath experience, of course is not limited to the bath itself.  As you soak and relax, a little soft lighting provided by candles contributes to the mood.

Candles are among some of the easiest crafts to assemble. Beeswax candles  involve warming sheets of wax, placing a wick in the centre and rolling them up, sealing the sides.

Container candles are very easy to make as well, and give you the opportunity to add extra decorative touches like seashells, pebbles and coloured crystals.

You can use a regular pot on the stove (or craft stores sell specific tools to melt wax on the stove). Melt the wax that you choose (there are several options).

Place wick in mold. As wax is melted to appropriate directions (temperature guide available usually on wax packaging) , add fragrance or extras (like crystals, pebbles, etc.). Pour the wax mixture into the mold and let cool.

When cooled, slide out and place in your desired container.

Pass the Salt

Make the tub experience more fragrant by splashing in some bath salts.

If you like bath salts, there are numerous ways to make them, but the easiest starts with Epsom salts (which are available in large quantities at any pharmacy or grocery store). To a few cups of Epsom salts, add fragrance and/or essential oils. Some essential oils are coloured, and will change to colour of the salt mixture.

Be creative with the fragrances. Believe it or not, your kitchen is a good place to start- think vanilla, cinnamon, orange and or mint.

Round out the Experience

While not DIY, no bath experience is complete without something good to read in the tub or cool music to unwind by.

If you are assembling a gift basket throw in a good paperback (you can often find inexpensive ones in bins at numerous stores) or a good magazine or two.

Make a playlist of relaxing music, or compile a list of suggestions to stick in the gift basket.