Save on Gas!

gasIf you own a car, a large portion of your income likely goes towards gas. With gas prices high- and climbing even higher, the amount you need to shell out to get from point A to point B can punch a serious hole into your budget.

There are ways to shave down on that gas budget though- to keep both your wallet and your tank full.

Park it

The most obvious way to save money on gas is to cut down use of your car. Wherever possible – walk, bike or blade to your destination. Carpooling can cut down costs as well. Using public transportation now and then, while still incurring costs, lets you cut back on your straight gas expense.

Plan your Errands

Running out to the store every time that you forgot something not only wastes your time, it wastes your gas (not to mention you may be paying more for said items out of convenience).

Plan your errand running for a once-a-week jaunt, if possible. Actually map your route out, so that you are using the most direct path to get to points A, B and C and back home again.

Tune it Up

Make sure your car is an efficient machine. While car maintenance can be a nuisance, as well as an expense that is perhaps perceived as unnecessary, it is the ticket to making your car (and your money) give you more mileage.

Get oil changes regularly and make sure that air filters are clean and intact. Keep tires inflated to their proper pressure, and keep things a’rollin.

Keep Calm and Carry on (Saving Money)

Driving aggressively is a bad idea. Not only is it rude, dangerous and bad for your blood pressure, it also wastes gas- which wastes money.

Drive within the speed limit, and avoid the lurching stop-and-go of rapid acceleration and jamming on your brakes.

Road tripping?

Are you planning a road trip this summer? In addition to making sure that your car is in good shape and by pre-planning the fastest, most direct route, you can save even more money by packing light.

Resist the urge to throw all you own into the trunk of your car. You don’t need it- or the additional expenses you are unintentionally incurring. Pack light. Your wallet (and your travelling companions) thank you.

Become Gas Station Savvy

While it makes absolutely no sense to make a specific trip out of the way to fill up, spending gas (and time) in order to get there, it does behove you to pay attention to a few well-known gas facts. If you happen to be cruising by, then fill up.

In major urban centres, gas tends to be cheaper in outer suburb areas. So if you are a commuter, for instance, fill up at home, rather than when you arrive at work.

There are also numerous search sites and services that can connect you with the cheapest gas in your area on a given day. is a good one, with up-to-date info, as well as a host of other resources, like a trip cost calculator.