Saving Energy Means Saving Money

save-money-by-switching-electricity-companies-resized-600Give Mother Earth a big old hug by cutting back on your energy usage. Not only will she appreciate the affection, it will cut down on your bills.

Cold Water Wash

I’m not suggesting that you get out the scrub board to do the laundry, but you’d be surprised at how much money you can save simply by using a cold water cycle to wash your clothes.

Clothes get surprisingly clean. There are numerous cold-water specific detergents available too that enhance the whole experience.

Turn it Up, Turn it Down

This freakishly cool summer has made it easy to open the windows and to turn the A/C off. However, in sweltering heat, even if you turn it up a notch or two, you will save.

The same goes in the winter months. Wait as long as you can to turn the furnace on, and when you do, set it a couple of degrees colder.

Put on a sweater!

Hand wash

While loading up the dishwasher is certainly convenient, it is also an expensive energy-sucker. Wash dishes by hand and save some cash.

Better yet, turn dishwashing over to the kids!

Ditch the Tub

While a luxurious soak is a decadent pleasure, it is far more economical to have a shower.

Bath time is a treat- so savour it once in a while.

Turn them Off

Seems obvious, but when you are not in a room, turn the lights off.

While this would seem obvious, not everyone gets this concept. Yes, my children.  I’m talking about you.

Wasted Space, Wasted Energy

Do you have half-full fridges in your house (i.e. an extra in the basement or the garage)?

Again, convenient to have the extra storage space, but half-full fridges and freezers cost far more to run that full counterparts.