Saving Money on Your Wedding

frugal-wedding-2Thanks to a multitude of reality shows that showcase lavish weddings, huge parties and even bigger ice sculptures, expectations for weddings have really skyrocketed. And don’t worry, we’re blaming the beautiful images upon images on Pinterest too.

Sometimes, deciding to have a smaller wedding is only half the battle. A lot of brides (and grooms) go into planning without knowing how much money can be sucked away by the smallest details. Here are a few tips on how to save any money you can for…you know…life after the wedding?

Set the date on off times
Months like November, January, February (not Valentine’s Day) and March have less people clamoring for a date and will therefore keep venues from overcharging for them. Being able to argue that they’d be left with an empty venue gives you more power to negotiate. Which brings us to…

The most important thing to remember is the worst that they can say is ‘No’. Ask for any kind of bundles they can offer you, photography companies they can recommend at a discount or fees they can waive if you have both the ceremony and reception in the same place. Which…

Keep it in the same place
Even without steadfast negotiating, you’re still probably guaranteed a lower price if you agree to have two events at one venue. It’s important to make sure you’re always speaking to someone who actually has the power to lower prices for you if need be.

Skip tradition
By way of food, I mean. Ethnic dishes are easier on your wallet than the traditional steak or seafood plates. Plus, it’ll be a nice change from the regular old wedding food if your guests get to try something new or something they may not get the chance to eat very often.

Reuse the flowers
One of the easiest ways to cut wedding costs is by simply taking the flowers that were used on chairs or pews or alter and putting them into centerpieces or on the buffet tables. Also, don’t worry about expensive bridesmaid bouquets, it’s becoming quite common to see girls carrying a single flower down the alter instead.

Look for décor
Don’t bother hiring a decorator or spending a lot of money on ribbons and the like. Instead rent out a venue that comes complete with its own decorations. Beautiful places like museums or botanical gardens already have what it takes to ensure your photos are gorgeous.

Save on a DJ
Consider how expensive a DJ is. Now consider how much fun it would be if you requested that everyone bring their iPod and play whatever song they feel like getting down to. Sure you might hear ‘Grown Woman’ a few hundred times but think of all the laughs it’ll get and how excited everyone will be to play their own tunes.