Saving Money While Traveling

New ImageIt’s inevitable. As soon as there’s a chill in the air, a mind gets to wandering about warmer climates, exciting sightseeing and….yea warmer climates! But usually, these thoughts are halted because let’s face it: traveling is expensive. And can absolutely seem like an extravagance that you don’t need. But like everything else, there are ways to do it without spending an arm and a leg.

1. Book Good Times

This is not an urban myth; there are better times and dates to book trips where you could be saving hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars. While going away during the holidays is obviously the most popular time, going somewhere in October is noticeably cheaper.

2. Use Price-Comparison Websites

You need to use caution when checking out price comparison websites because companies could just be hiding underlying fees in order to get the lowest headline price. Saying that, these sites can be really useful in saving you money but at the same time, getting you a great package.

3. Rent Out Your House

Why not make money while spending money? There are a multitude of websites that allow you to rent out your home while you’re away and, depending on your location and nearby amenities, allow you to charge a nice price. Specific sites even offer reviews of renters so you know what you’re getting before making a deal.

4. Walk

Most of the popular tourist locations (Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, etc) are perfect for walking to and from any attractions you want to see. You’ll save a bundle on cabs and public transportation, get a good workout and become acclimatized to your new surroundings a lot faster.

5. Don’t Over Tip

I know you can feel pressured to tip when in a foreign country but a lot of the time, tips are included in the bill you’re paying whether it’s the hotel bill or the restaurant bill. Do a quick check before you leave of what the translation of ‘service charge included’ is wherever you’re going to make sure you’re not leaving more money than you have to.