School’s In! Time for Mom to Have a Treat!

Stock Photo by Sean Locke www.digitalplanetdesign.comYou survived another summer, and the kids are blissfully tucked away in their classrooms. Whether you are happily ensconced at your desk, or at home surrounded by silence that just does not exist in non-school months, you most likely are feeling like you deserve a little something special- just for you- to mark the occasion.

However, as all moms are already aware, the budget has already likely been stretched super thin in acquiring all of those back-to-school items.

Here are some thoughts on how to indulge yourself, with a well-deserved back-to-school reward using the loose change you have lining the floor of your car or the remnants of what lines your wallet.

Quality not Quantity

First off, when choosing to indulge when on a budget, you have to often do less with more. Much of your pleasure in treating yourself will come with your perception.

Think of it this way- you can still taste a decadent chocolate cake whether you have a forkful or a plateful. Think small, but pick treats or items that will give you pleasure and mark the occasion. For example, don’t buy a whole new outfit, but rather pick up one item. Instead of going out for a succulent meal, order a delicious appetizer or dessert.


Make a whole outfit new again by picking up a jazzy new belt, scarf or pair of earrings. Affordable and refreshing, this breathes new life into old favourites.

Enjoy the moment

Spending money to enjoy yourself? Pricey. Taking a few stolen moments to smell the roses? Priceless!  One of the most precious commodities that parents have is time- and when it comes to time for yourself in the summer months, indulging in this commodity is nigh near impossible.

This can be as simple as enjoying your morning coffee while reading the paper front to back.

Enjoying the silence at home, or taking a wander through your local shops when they are blissfully empty on your lunch hour can present a whole new reward.

Premium Coffee

If there was ever a time to indulge in an upscale cup of joe, this is it.  Make your morning commute more special today and gather your loose change and visit your local barista for a really yummy treat that also smells fantastic.

Brave New Face

Try a new shade of lipstick. Inexpensive, fun and just the change you might need to begin a new season! It’s also a good opportunity to try out some new nail polish or other cosmetic item that you’ve been longing for.

Paperback Princess

Love to read? Treat yourself to a new paperback to consume during your morning commute, or during a lazy moment on the front porch grabbing the last few days of warmth before real fall weather sets in.

Department and discount stores often offer bins with discounted books that usually contain a number of good reads- it just takes a little more digging.

Bubble Bath

Is there anything more decadent than long luxurious soak? Pick up some candles and some lovely scented bubble bath and treat yourself to an indulgent soak- either before the kids get home from school or in the evening after they’ve gone to bed (early, because it is a school night! ).

Girls Night In

Did summer swirl by at a breakneck speed? Did you lose touch with your gal pals over the summer as people were off vacationing and attending to other commitments?

Back-to-school (and back to routine) is a great opportunity to invite your friends over to catch up, share a glass of wine together or watch a movie.