Seven ways to save $100 a month

saveAre you tapped out? Chances are you may have a little more wiggle room in your budget than you may have otherwise thought.

Would you like to squeeze out a $100 a month to direct towards saving (or other necessary spending)?

Here are some tips how to do so:

Think Cumulatively

It’s all about drops in a bucket. A drop here and there isn’t going to do much- but when you combine them all, your bucket is full.

The same principle applies to producing a little extra savings every month. Understand how small actions can add together to big savings.

Change in a Jar

If you are truly frugal, you may already be living a plastic-free, cash only lifestyle anyways. Take it a step further, and embrace a paper-only lifestyle.

Commit to putting all of your change into a jar. You’d be surprised at how quickly this adds up.

Get a Raise?

Did you get a raise? Now this is one that you can’t necessarily count on, but if you did get a raise (even a meager one) continue to spend as though you didn’t and bank the difference.

Plan your ATM visits

When taking cash out, visit only your own bank and avoid paying extra surcharges for partner withdrawals, which can run from $1.00 anywhere to about $3.00 per transaction, which can really add up- and are the definite of wasting money.

Cut out Alcohol

Which costs more: water or wine? Just sayin’.


Switch (if you haven’t already) to generic brands across the board. On a rare occasion a name brand may provide a higher quality product, but that is almost never the case.

Swap Grocery Lists

Avoid impulse shopping by teaming up with a buddy to do your groceries. You swap lists and do each other’s shopping and meet up at the cash when you’re done.

It’s much easier to be ruthless with someone else’s spending.