Shop Smart on Boxing Day

Although you’ve likely spent much of the last few weeks shopping, there is another major shopping day in your sights before the “season” shuts itself down.

As deal days go, Boxing Day can be supreme- but make sure you don’t blow your budget at a time that it is probably pretty vulnerable.

Seasonal Items

First on your list should be any seasonal items or décor, which will be slashed in price- likely in the neighbourhood of 50 percent or even more.

Start your budget planning for next season and stock up on cards, gift wrap, ornaments and general décor. Take note of items you buy, as they will be out of sight (and out of mind) for the next several months, and you may very well forget that you have them!

Know a Deal when you see one

Just because it is for sale on Boxing Day, does not mean that a deal is a deal. The way to combat this is to know what things cost regularly, and what the sales cycle in a particular store (have they already had deep discounts, are they jacking prices to then “discount” on Boxing Day?).

Do your research online; find out all of the small print associated with a deal. Some questions to determine answers to are: are discounts only applicable if bought in bulk? What is the return policy? How many items are guaranteed in store? Do you offer rainchecks?

Means to an End, not an Activity

While the lure of great deals is enough to pull most people out on Boxing Day, have specific items in mind. In order to keep your balance in check, don’t shop for the sake of shopping.

While many of the deals snagged on Black Friday or in pre-Christmas sales can possibly be attributed to items on your gift list for others, the gift-giving season is over, which does not give Boxing Day as specific a shopping purpose.

People shop on Boxing Day out of curiosity, boredom- or strictly for the purpose of scoring great deals. As budgets and unnecessary spending go, this can be temptingly dangerous.


If ever there was an ill-fated opportunity to run up a credit card bill, Boxing Day is a prime example. Budgets are already paper-thin by this time in the holiday season, and there is likely little wiggle room left. If you come across a great deal, the temptation to pass it up may be too much, and out comes the plastic (and the interest charges).

Adopt a cash only policy on Boxing Day. Once it’s gone, it’s gone- and it is time to pull out of the mall parking lot.

Flash Promotions

With the wide use and availability of internet for sales, some retailers have changed their sales cycle and some of their promotional activity as well. For instance, Boxing Day sales are not necessarily limited to December 26. More frequently, sales are running over a period of a week or so.

Something retailers will do to entice you to visit their shop is offer flash promotions (good for the next hour!). Do some research on which shops will offer that, and see if you can find out what products might be featured.

While much of that is not necessarily advertised, your best bet to getting the dish on your favourite retailers’goods, is to ask staff members working at the store. They are your most reliable source!