Speedy budget snacks

Speedy budget snacks

If your family is anything like mine, you best not stand between them and the snack cupboard around mid-afternoon or after school. It’s risky business.

Buying prepared, processed snacks can not only be expensive, and aren’t always the healthiest choice.

Here are some speedy, healthy and budget-friendly snack ideas.

Your own produce aisle

One of the best budget tips for your groceries? Use produce in season. Chop up a selection of fruit and veggies that are fresh and seasonal (i.e. cheaper and better quality) and put them in air tight containers in the fridge. Have vanilla yogurt or ranch dressing handy to serve as the dip.


There are few more protein-packed foods on the planet, ounce for ounce. Hard boil up a bunch, and you’ve got a peel and go snack ready when you need it.

Yogurt Parfait

Layer vanilla or plain yogurt with granola and berries (fresh or frozen). If you don’t have granola on hand, you can always use another cereal. Experiment!


You can buy hummus dip or make it yourself fairly easily. Mash a can of chickpeas with tsp of tahini until smooth. Mix in two cloves of minced garlic and a tsp of lemon juice.  If you want a really smooth texture, throw into the blender or food processor. Serve with crackers or veggies.

PB & J

Slap a little high protein peanut butter on your favourite bread, along with a smear of your favourite jam.  Kids can even make this one themselves.


If you’ve got a waffle iron, make up a bunch at a time and leave in the fridge for snacks through the week.  Reheat in the toaster and top with fresh berries and yogurt instead of maple syrup for a healthier choice.

Macaroni salad

Mix up a bowl of macaroni salad, and let the family feast over the week. Cook two cups of your favourite short pasta (fusilli, rotini or penne work well). Chop up a selection of veggies and any meat you have on hand (great way to use up leftovers!). Toss with about a half cup of your favourite salad dressing.