Spent your money on school supplies? You can still treat yourself

bubble bathWhat’s that sound? What’s that glorious sound? That, friends, is the sound of school bells ringing and silence in your home.  Don’t get me wrong. I love the summer- and the chance to spend time together as a family. But I’m not going to lie; back to school has its perks as well.

The good news is that with the kids being back to school, there is likely a little more me time on the schedule. The bad news is that your wallet is likely tapped out from back to school shopping.

But a celebration is in order! Here are a few inexpensive ideas for your own back to school treat.

A new look

Hit the beauty counter at your local pharmacy or department store and stock up on samples.  You’re not investing in a whole beauty overhaul, but you can try out some new colours or products without committing to the whole jar/palette. While you are at the makeup counter, ask for a makeup lesson. This is also try before you buy, and can be lots of fun.

Visit friends

Now that back to school and back to work is in full swing after the lazy days of summer, your evenings and weekends fill up pretty fast with errands. Block off some time now to reconnect with friends- even if it is just for a cup of coffee or an uninterrupted phone call.  The best things in life are free- like your friendships!

Treat your palate

What’s your pleasure? Cheesecake? A signature martini?  Give yourself permission (both  from a budgetary and from an indulgent food standpoint) to reward yourself with one special treat that you crave. A one off expense like this will not impact your bottom line too much, and will be much enjoyed.


A trip to the spa sounds great- but is pricey. Treat yourself to some nice bath salts, new polish and nicely scented cream/exfoliator. You can treat yourself to a home facial, moisturizing bath and mani and pedi for about a quarter of the price that you’d pay at an actual spa.