Spring Break Staycation!

staycationIs everyone else you know packing up to head off for Spring Break, while you are planning on staying put? Not to worry, some of the best times can be had during a staycation. It’s all about attitude, creativity and planning.


Despite the continuation of bone-chilling temps, there is no time like the present for a fun family camping trip- indoors, mind you!

Pitch the tent in the living room or in the basement. Set up a “campfire” (spark up the fireplace- this is for ambiance purposes only). Roll out the sleeping bags and prepare your list of campfire songs.

Of course, no camping trip would be complete without Smores (which in this case can be done in the microwave). Sandwich a marshmallow and a square of chocolate in between two graham crackers and microwave for about 20 seconds.

Try Something New

What is the greatest thief to trying out something new? Usually time. With a Staycation, you are all about having time!

As a family, what have you always wanted to try? Snowshoeing? Downhill Skiing? Maybe you’d like to try out a new restaurant, explore a new neighbourhood or small town? Maybe you’d enjoy taking a cooking class together to learn new dishes (you can even do that at home- for free, courtesy of YouTube).

Spring Break usually brings with it a host of online coupons too, in an attempt to lure folks to venues. Do a cruise of your favourite parks, recreations centres or indoor playgrounds to see what you can find before you head out- and save some money at the same time.

The point is, instead of trying to fill the hours on a Staycation, enjoy the wonderful, indulgent fact that you have time to do whatever you like!

Strength in Numbers

Do you know other families that are staying put? Plan to connect to share ideas and activities. Sometimes it is simply enough to be able to bring in some “fresh faces” to keep your kids occupied.

Beyond having company for you, and for your little ones, you might be able to benefit from group discounts at attractions, like museums or indoor playgrounds (look for the ‘daycare’ or ‘group’ rate).

The Sleepover!

A sleepover? During the week? Unheard of! But not on a Spring Break staycation!  Mind you, this one is not for the faint of heart!

Let your little ones have a friend or two over for a sleepover during the week- and plan movies, games and special snacks.

A word to the wise- don’t plan anything the next day—so that everyone can recuperate!

Hit the Books

Take the kids to your local bookstore for a browse. Chapters/Indigo often has free children’s story times running, and usually have a cool play centre, with funky chairs and train tables. It’s fun to skim the shelves with older kids too and chat about the books, and the topics.

Alternatively, head to the library (where there is a host of free or low-cost activities). Most libraries now have a children’s section (many of which have a craft table and toys). You can take as many books as you like to flip through- and then stack them up to go home. The library is a good, free place to get DVD’s, video games and music as well.