Spring Indulgences that won’t Break the Bank

saveMoney-growsavings-moneyWith the change in season (especially on the heels of such a grueling, harsh, lengthy winter) you may in the mood to celebrate.

Caution though. With your weather-induced good mood, there may be increased temptation towards a celebratory spring shopping spree.

This too Shall Pass

Even though you can likely safely put hats and mitts away for the season (at least away from the front door, you never know what mood Mother Nature is in!) resist the urge to purge your belongings and replace your clothes, home décor etc.

Recognize this for what it is- a reaction. It is this kind of impulse that can derail a budget. That said, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the onset of spring. Just do it frugally! Here are some frugal ideas to treat yourself, without blowing the budget.

New Lipstick

A new lipstick (or nail polish, or other small cosmetic item) can inject a little new colour or refresh your look, for a very small price. There is no need to do a whole overhaul, especially if you are on a budget- but you can change elements of your look for minimal cost.

Go for a Walk

Celebrate the fact that you can walk outside without marching through snow and without the aggravation of having to bundle up. Sometimes feeling that warm(er) air on your face is all you need!

Shop for one Item

You don’t have to stay out of the stores entirely. Set a strict budget and shop for one new item- say a new sweater that can be versatile.

Consignment Time

A change of season is a great time to clean out closets and see what you can get at your local consignment shop. Go through your clothes for the coming season, and get rid of what you don’t want (or what you think might fetch the most at trade-in). Trade-in and get something new.

Clean Your Car

If your car is like mine, it is feeling the ill effects of winter- both inside and out. Take advantage of warmer temps by vacuuming and wiping out the inside. You’ll feel better driving around town.

Dessert Date

Go out and celebrate, but make a dessert and coffee date, rather than spending loads on a main dish. You still get quality time with a much smaller bill.

Write in a Journal

This is something that many people say that they wish that they could do, but rarely have the time. Take some time and jot down your thoughts. Free and cathartic.

Favourite Read?

Have you read all of your favourite author’s books? Maybe some early releases that you don’t know about are in existence? Google them and hit your local library to see if you can find them. Or, using that author, see if you can discover a new favourite that has a similar writing style.

Call an Old Friend

In today’s super-busy, instant gratification society, we don’t sit and chat for long anymore. Most of our correspondence is limited to quick texts and emails, at least with friends.

What about friends that have been separated from you by time and/or distance? Treat yourself (and them) by picking up the phone and catching up.