Spring is Here! Get out and Enjoy!

KiteNow that spring has finally sprung, it’s time to get out of the house and free yourself from hibernation (which this year was particularly long and harsh).

As this winter was so oppressive, the inclination is to race out and take advantage of every opportunity right now. Urgency begets extra spending- so here are some frugal ideas to say goodbye to winter and usher in spring! Hooray!

Go Fly a Kite

All you need is a trip to the dollar store, an open field and some steady wind for this family-friendly activity- that incorporates time outdoors and amusement (sometimes for hours!).

If you are feeling crafty, you can always make your own kite as well (which are surprisingly sturdy), using wooden dowels, string and a plastic bag or tablecloth. Check out YouTube for numerous how-to step, by step instructions.

Arrange a Girls Night

Chances are, given the extended period of harsh winter conditions, you and your friends may have been in total hibernation mode. Your friendship time may have been limited to email, texts and phone.

Shake winter off for a girls night. Invite your friends over for drinks and snacks, or go out and meet for coffee (without hats, mitts and scarves- which is worth celebrating itself)!

Build a Bird House

While many of your local feathered friends may not yet have appeared, prepare for their arrival.

Get a milk carton and, using an exacto knife (with parental help for this step), cut an opening big enough for the birds gather seed from. Paint the carton however you’d like with acrylic paint. Decorate with stickers or any other materials you’d like.

Using popsicle sticks (or twigs), attach a perch just below the opening for the bird window. Fill with seed. Hang from tree branch and wait!

Plan your Garden

There is still snow and frozen ground in lots of areas, but there is no time like the present to start thinking about your garden (and perhaps a way to encourage Mother Nature to speed towards the warmer temps).

Good gardening, with a frugal touch, takes a great deal of planning. Take this time, just before you can get planting to visualize and research. Sketch things out and enlist help from friends who have beautiful gardens. What is their secret?

Puddle Splash

Kids often want a lot of material goods- but they also have the envious ability to enjoy (really enjoy) the simple, fun pleasures. Splashing around in puddles (when dressed for it) is great- because kids feel like it is borderline naughty (increasing the fun factor)!

As April showers abound, throw on some rain gear and get puddle jumping. Plan to get wet and dirty (as well as consumed with giggles). No reason Mom and Dad can’t splash around too!

Sugar Off

Head out of the city to a Sugar Shack and watch them tap trees for maple syrup. Enjoy some maple treats and bring some maple syrup home with you for a pancake-for-dinner meal.