Spruce Up Your Home for Less

 5 simple & inexpensive ways to make the transition from winter to spring décor

spring_has_sprung_pillowThe temperature is rising and we can finally say spring is here! After months of huddling under blankets, putting the heating on high and wearing thick, woolly socks -we have relief. Now that the weather is transitioning, it’s time for your home to do the same. Here are 10 simple and inexpensive tactics to make the switch from winter décor to spring:

1.       Get reflective

The same way a picture says a thousand words, so can a reflection. We aren’t suggesting you make narcissists out of your family but placing a few framed mirrors, varying in size, in a pattern of your choice on a wall in a smaller room can open up the space.

 2.       Decorative pillows

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to change the look of your décor, simply because they act as accents for your furniture. Swap out darker-coloured pieces for light-coloured ones in lighter fabrics such as cotton blends or even a light suede.

If you are a bit more crafty, you can even buy the fabric for your new look and make a zippered pillow case to place over your existing ones. This cuts costs in half and can be a fun project for the family.  Taking this route lets you avoid buying new pillows and saves the storage space.

 3.       Drop the drab drapes

Curtains and drapes are essential in the winter because they do help in keeping heat from escaping through windows, however, in the spring and summer, we need them only to cut the glare from that bright, beautiful sun. We suggest using heavy and thick curtains for the winter but for spring, install a lighter version that will let natural light pour into the house. Fabrics such as linen or airy chiffon drapes are perfect for this. Again, these fabrics are easy to purchase by the yard if you opt to take the do-it-yourself approach!

 4.       Glass with class

Purchasing a few glass (or plastic!) vases can do more than just hold your flowers. Vases are a perfect way to showcase bright decorative objects. Popular vase-fillers are lemons, limes, Granny Smith apples and other lively coloured fruits. Lemons and limes keep a lot longer than fruits but a good way to avoid spoilage entirely (and extra costs) is using artificial produce that is reusable all throughout the season. This tip can also be used in the winter with cranberries, Clementine’s or holiday bobbles.

 5.       Spice up your life

Store vibrant spices like dried chilli flakes, turmeric and paprika in glass jars to showcase their colours and add a dash of flavour to the décor. Glass jars are often $2 at art supply stores and even some grocery stores-five to six jars will cost you less than 15 dollars and can always be reused for other projects!

Now get out there and make your home spring-ready on a fabulously affordable budget!