Staging your own home to sell? What you need to know

stagingIf you’re like any of the other of zillions of people addicted to Design and Decor media, you know full well the value of an appealing home for entertainment purposes.

However as a homeowner, this value literally translates into dollars and cents when you are putting your home up for sale. Realize that buyer’s expectations are high these days, simply because of all the glossy pictures and 24-hour loop of design and home shows. In order to get top dollar, you need your home in top shape.

You’ve no doubt heard of home staging. While staging your home is an absolute necessity in your bid to get top dollar, bringing in a professional can be expensive. While you may feel that this expense is worth it in the long run, you may be able to manage this one on your own by incorporating some of their strategies yourself.


Nothing makes a space feel smaller than having loads of “stuff” cramping it in. Make sure that furniture is appropriately sized to the room in question. You may love that overstuffed couch, but if it is cutting into the walking space in a room, get rid of it (at least temporarily).

Remove odds and ends, as well as accumulated toys and books. Make sure surfaces are clear.

It’s all about colour

Your colour palette should be neutral to begin with, so as to appeal to the most potential buyers. Working from that palette, use pops of colours to draw the eye. Use a rule of three (three items in a room in an eye-catching colour to tie the space in).

For example, in a bathroom, have a coloured pillar candle with a rolled towel on the candle, along with bath towels in the same palette to accentuate the space.

Set the scene

Space needs to have a purpose. For example, if you have a little reading nook or a loft, place a folded comfy blanket with some hardcover books. Potential buyers will understand and appreciate the space.

Pay attention to details

Do little things like put toilet seats down and remove toilet brushes from bathrooms. Take down personal photos to neutralize the home. Cover cords from lamps and appliances, at least when you are taking pictures, because they are distracting to the eye.