Staycation: Have Fun, Relax and Save Money

staycation1Vacation plans this summer? Perhaps you are planning on hitting the open road with the family? Or maybe travelling for your vacation this year is not in the budget (and with the cost of gas these days, more and more people are opting to stay put).

Just because you are staying home, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your holidays- and create some cool memories along the way. Welcome to the staycation!

Embrace the Staycation

Vacation is a state of mind- really. That said, you have to embrace the staycation as a vacation. That means treating your home like a hotel (i.e. leave chores and work, aside from eating and a necessary touch of laundry here and there).

You’re not missing out on a staycation- you are experiencing things closer to home in a different context. You have to be open to the possibilities, and committed to the “vacation” part of the staycation.


Even last-minute travel requires a certain degree of planning (i.e. picking dates and location). Make the most of your staycation (and help your chances of staying on budget) by having a family meeting and discussing some options for activities at home and day trips that might suit your tastes and your budget.

The Museum

The Museum. Educational and fun- all at the same time. But, before marching your family up to the till to pay your admission, do a little research into what deals might exist.

Hop online and do a quick search for attraction coupons. Some places offer a discount if you pre-purchase online- or at another physical location.

Some museums offer a discount if you buy a multi-pass (as in, you save money if you purchase admission to more than one museum).

Inquire about group discounts (how many people make up a group) and invite friends and family to make it a group outing- upping the fun factor and reducing the cost.

A money-saving tip? Avoid the gift shop- which all kids will gravitate to with magnetic force upon exit from the museum. As you may even have to pass through it before you leave, address this with kids before you even leave home.

Festivus for the Rest of Us

Connect with your community (and those nearby) and research local festivals and celebrations. Things like busker festivals (free entertainment), cultural group festivals (amazing food), music festivals etc. etc. are fun and generally quite inexpensive.

Admission at many of these festivals is free- or is low-cost, and is a great way to spend an afternoon or an evening.

Hit the Beach (or park, or lake)

Pack up a picnic and your favourite summer read (along with lots of sunscreen and water, of course) and hit a local beach, park or other area that will offer you respite and relaxation.

Nothing says vacation like spending a few idyllic hours in green space or near a body of water.

Movie Buff

Instead of doing the usual dinner and a movie, how about lunch and a matinee? Not only will you save money (movies before noon, in particular are less expensive and lunch generally costs less to eat out than dinner) but you will also benefit from smaller crowds at the theatre.

Try Something New

From trying out a new dish at home to learning something crafty, to mastering a card trick, there never seems to be enough time in our daily lives to carve out time for these small, but enjoyable details.

Use some time on your staycation- just for your own fun and leisure development. Check out local restaurants, art supply stores, community centres or library for opportunities.