5 tips on stockpile grocery shopping

One of the best ways to get more mileage out of your grocery budget is to go for stockpile grocery shopping and buy in bulk. However, if you don’t plan ahead with inventory control and proper storage, the cost savings that you’ll get from buying in volume will quickly evaporate.


Here are some tips on successful stockpile grocery shopping:

Treasure Chest:

If you don’t have a chest freezer, it is worth your while to consider purchasing one. You don’t necessarily need a huge one, but that extra freezer space will increase your storage by quite a bit and let you prevent food waste much more easily. Make sure to label items with the date when you put them in.

Stockpiling Non-perishables:

You’ve got a leg up when you are accumulating non-perishables, because you don’t have to worry as much about expiry dates. Although be warned that a number of non-perishable food items do indeed have expiry dates that you should watch for. When buying food non-perishables, keep a running list on your pantry or cupboard door with dates, and make sure to rotate stock on your shelves (newer stuff in the back, older stuff in the front to get used first).

Think Outside the Kitchen:

There are a number of items that you need on a daily or weekly basis, like toiletries, soaps, paper products and cleaners. Be gradual in your accumulation. Only buy items on sale and get as many as you can in one purchase (many times there is a limit).

Check Out Sale Racks:

There will often be a sale rack in the store. It often has near-expiry produce or bakery items, which are a good buy if you are able to consume or freeze them within a reasonable time period. Sale racks also often have discontinued items (like condiments, canned goods, shampoos and cosmetics) that are perfectly good, but the store needs the counter space.

Go Right to the Source:

To stockpile meat, poultry and produce, consider going right to your local farmer. You can freeze a lot of veggies and fruit well. Buying meat in bulk right from the farmer is a much cheaper way to go.