Stretch those Grocery Dollars

Grocery cartIt’s not in your head. Food costs are considerably higher than they were even a few months ago (recent stats released by Stats Can showed that inflation has been rising steadily for the last nine months in a row).

Assumedly, your income has not increased at the same rate as your monthly expenses. Now is the time to get the dollars you have to do more for you- especially when it comes to groceries.

Beyond the obvious measures (like coupons and hitting sales) there are a few simple behaviours that I have adopted- which if you are consistent, can help your grocery dollar go further.

Get Regular

Don’t dash out because you’ve run out of milk, or because your son has a hankering for ice cream. Commit to a regular shopping day, where you cumulate all of your items through the week, and do some one-stop shopping.

This saves gas, time and money!

What’s in a Name?

Wherever possible, opt for the no-name brand, which is usually offered on the same shelf (often right next to) the item in question.

No-Name brands are generally of similar quality (for the most part. I have found a few items to be lesser) and are a fraction of the price. For extra piece of mind, take a minute in the store and look at the ingredients label, back-to-back- and then the prices. You decide!

Price Match

While coupons are a great idea (as is cruising the town in hopes of a better deal) sometimes it comes down to time.

Many stores will offer price match. All you have to do is pack your flyer and present it at the cash. Voila. Savings- without travelling to multiple stores

Shop Alone

Whenever possible, leave the rest of the family at home. Grocery shopping is not an activity- it is a task.

I find that when the family accompanies me, strange items appear in my cart (the kids are Please, Please, Please! My husband’s grocery additions looks like his is back in college stocking his dorm room).

Go solo and save money and your sanity.