Stretch your saving power

You know that coupons are a great money-saving tool. But, like all budgetary tools at your disposal, you’ll only get the maximum benefit when you utilize them to their full potential. That means tapping in to all the savings, all the time.

Get organized

Using those coupons means having them accessible when you need them. If you are dealing with predominantly paper coupons (although don’t forgetwoman shopping2 digital ones), set up a filing system with sections either for stores or for products (or both).

Some people find a binder or a shoebox system works well.

Adopt a process

Your successful couponing relies on you following a set process that begins with budget setting and scouring for sales and promotions in all the likely places (flyers, vendor websites and deal websites).

Make sure you are fitting your coupons into your budget – and not the other way around. Remember, your coupons are meant to be able to help you buy more for less – with what money you have allocated already.

Waste not, want not

Really identify needs and wants when it comes to couponing. Even if a coupon promises a great savings, it is worthless (and will actually end up costing you money) if you end up buying stuff you don’t need.

The same goes for waste. You may be tempted to stockpile staples, which is a good idea. However, only get what you realistically will use in a given time frame, or have room to store at home.


You need to commit to those coupons each and every time you hit the store. That means identifying opportunities when in-store, and never leaving home without them.

Also, just because an item is on sale, don’t leave the coupon in your wallet. Increase the savings. Don’t forget to stack coupons wherever possible as well.

Mail-in Rebates

Many coupons offer savings through mail-in rebates; however you would be surprised at how many people skip this important, money-saving step. It takes only a small fraction of your time to fill out rebate forms and it literally is extra money in your hands.