Take a walk through the strawberry patch!

Every smart shopper knows that one way to slash your grocery budget is to shop for produce when it is in season. It’s more plentiful so it is cheaper and is usually much better quality as well.

Boy in strawberry fieldRight now is strawberry season and as nutrition, taste, value and versatility go, this berry can’t be beat.

Picking the perfect berry

Picking the best berries means that they’ll last longer. Less food waste equals extra money in your wallet.

Ripe berries are squishy to the touch, but not too squishy; the strawberry’s skin should be smooth. If it is too taut, it’s past its prime and you should leave it on the shelf. Always buy from local producers when you can- cheaper and fresher!

If your berries do get overripe, use them to make strawberry jam (no cook jam is probably the easiest thing in the world to make).

More strawberry savings

Load up on these sweet treats in season and freeze them to use in the dark winter months, when produce is pricey and not so great.

To freeze, place in rows individually on a cookie sheet and place in a freezer. When frozen, remove and bag together.

A great outing

Looking for something cheap to do with the kids? Take them strawberry picking! It’s an inexpensive way to spend a couple of hours, and you get to come home loaded with fruit.

It’s also a hands-on way to teach younger kids about plants and nature.

Savour those strawberries

You can likely devour a number of berries just on their own, but there are other yummy ways to use these gems.

Dip them in sour cream and brown sugar for an extra treat.

Add them into your lunchtime salad, for colour, extra flavour and extra nutrition.

For dessert, spoon berries and whipped cream over angel food cake (low cal, and yummy).

Make your next fajita night a little different by making a strawberry salsa (which is nice with chicken). Combine 2 cups sliced strawberries with a half cup each of diced jalapenos and onion. Combine with ¼ cup oil, a pinch cinnamon and cayenne powder. Yummy.