Take your summer holidays in September!

job-seekers-vacationEven though summer is coming to a close, it doesn’t mean that your vacation time has to. If you are not completely tied down to the school year schedule (really, what’s one week of school at the beginning?), making travel plans to tour in the early fall has a number of benefits.

Less people

You know when you have the luxury of hitting the grocery store or the mall at 10am on a Tuesday, and you have your run of the place? How much more relaxing is that? The same principle applies to traveling in September. Nearly everyone has tied themselves down to the routine that arrives in September: school, sports and work projects that have been shelved over the summer.  You’ll have your vacation destination to yourself (practically).

Serious savings

Traveling in the off-season will slash your travel prices- particularly when it comes to your accommodations. The bargaining chip falls to you as hoteliers are willing to be more aggressive to fill their rooms. Seek out off-season packages for even more savings. Don’t see what you like? Call the hotel directly. You can always negotiate with a live person!  This is crucial now given the relationship between the USD and CAD- if you are going stateside.

Historically, gas tends to drop in the fall months, so taking that road trip will be far less expensive in September than in July (not to mention less traffic).

Weather forecasts

Depending on your destination, September still offers some great traveling weather. Temperatures are often still mild- but not oppressive like they are in the height of summer- which makes touring around more comfortable.

Road trips take on a new dimension, because roadways begin to burst with colour as the leaves change.

If you are thinking of heading south, realize that you are traveling in prime Hurricane season. That’s not reason enough to stay at home, but it does require a little extra planning.  Weather is a roll of the dice at any time of year, but Hurricane season can be a bit tricky. Double check your hotel and airline’s policies on cancellation due to inclement weather. Many will offer refunds or credits for later travel, but you want to be sure!