Team Canada

canada-day-flagEveryone loves a party- especially when the whole country is invited.

Canada Day means a whole lot of fun and festival-ing, much of which is free. The frugal party-goers favourite!


What is more awesome than when the whole family has a day off in the middle of the week. Oh yeah- and it’s summer time to boot.

There is something about eating outside that is completely thrilling for kids.  So, instead of eating supper around your kitchen table, pack-er up and head to your local park or conservation area. Same cost as eating at home, and way more fun.

Go local

Every borough worth its salt has a Canada Day event of some kind. Think parade, children’s activities (bouncy castles, face painting) and lots of food!

Research your local area. They may even be timed so that you can event-hop from area to area.


Who loves the Canada Day BBQ? Fire up that grill, flip some burgers and invite the neighbours over. Don’t forget strawberries with whipped cream for dessert (the ultimate red and white dessert).

Live music

Canada Day is often an opportunity for local musical talent to showcase their stuff (to your benefit). Check out concerts in the park, or stroll the strip of clubs and coffee shops in your neighbour and listen to the tunes rolling out the open windows.


However you are spending the day, ending the day with a fireworks display is a Canada Day must. Grab your lawn chair and head to nearest park, beach or other outdoor area where the night sky will be lit up. As far as free entertainment goes, fireworks really steal the show.