Thanksgiving dinner tips

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if it’s your turn to host, don’t wait until the last minute to throw the turkey feast together.

Not only will that cause major stress, you’ll spend way more money then you need to. Here are some tips on how to have a delicious and budget-friendly Thanksgiving dinner.

The bird

The biggest chunk of your budget goes to the turkey.  Right now is when sales are likely their best, so be sure to cruise the flyers for the best deals.

Getting a fresh turkey from a butcher is likely your most expensive option. Your more budget-friendly is the frozen turkey, with a little basting it can be very moist and delicious. Some you can even cook right from frozen. Talk about low-maintenance!

Elbow grease

Another reason to start early on the Thanksgiving prep is to DIY when it comes to all your cooking. Store bought pies, stuffing and cranberry sauce sure are convenient, but that convenience comes at a hefty premium. You can seriously shave down your costs by rolling up your sleeves and getting busy in the kitchen.

Pot lucky

Have your guests bring more than their charming dinner conversation. If you are taking care of the turkey, have your guests bring the side dishes. Make it fun by having everyone bring one of their favourites or family tradition dishes. Make sure that you’ve got enough veggies and starches. Don’t forget dessert!


You may love to indulge with a nice Pinot with your turkey, but filling your guests glasses can be a pricey endeavour. Have your guests BYOB and you can offer a selection of non-alcoholic beverages.

Creative Décor

The beauty of this fall holiday is that all the décor you need is right outside your front door and it is free. Gather colourful leaves and scatter them on the table.  Add fall flair to pillar candles in holders by adding acorns.