The 4-Week Challenge: Save H20 like a pro

We’re always being told to save water. It’s a resource that isn’t as abundant as we’d like to believe and it can cost an arm and a leg if you abuse its use in the home. Hence, the many water saving tips that also translate into money saving tips in the long run.

We’ve got a challenge for you, a 4-week challenge. Each week you’ll tackle a bad habit in the kitchen, bathroom, garden or laundry room-the places guilty of the most water-wastage. As another week progresses within the month, add a new tip to your routine. You’ll be surprised how simple it is. Challenge accepted?


Water JugStore a water jug in the fridge. When the weather is warm out, the water pipes tend to heat up as well, making cold water not-so-readily available. The water wasted while running the tap can be avoided by storing some H2O in the fridge. Refreshment at your finger tips! (Tip: Add fresh lemon juice or lemon slices and zest to the water to give it a citrusy boost.)





Shave 1-3 minutes off your showering time. This is a small adjustment but one that makes a difference. You will hardly notice the few minutes lost and will save approximately 150 gallons a month.  (Tip for the ladies:  Shut the water off when you’re shaving your legs or have a treatment in your hair.)





LaundryAdjust water levels to the size of laundry loads. If you’re only washing a few shirts and blouses, you don’t need to have the machine ready to wash an extra-large load. Adjust it in proportion to what you’re washing and walk away feeling accomplished. Saved water? Check!  Did load of laundry? Check!



DishwasherRun your dishwasher ONLY when it is full. When drinking water, designate one cup to each family member for them to use throughout the day. This will limit their dirtying other cups that will all require washing later.




Between the one-cup rule & the water jug, you’ll be saving water in no time.

Four simple steps out of hundreds that will save you money and water. Now that you have your tasks, will you succeed in our challenge?

Images: Energy.Gov, Occa.Home.Uk,