The designer dilemma

It can be a challenge explaining the concept of money to kids on any given day. And if you’ve got a designer diva in your home (and this can be anything from label kids to teens clothing and accessories- even character backpacks and the like for the younger set) that challenge is even greater.rocawear

We spend so much time promoting the notion of smart budgeting to get your dollars to go further for back-to-school. Designer brand shopping sets that whole concept in reverse. There is, as they say, always room for compromise- especially when you are dealing with your kids.

But everyone else does!

As fundamentally opposed as I am to this statement, and as much as I applaud those who march to the beat of their own drum, there is no question that there is tremendous pressures on kids socially to fit in. And in many cases, that means having certain clothes and accessories.

Instead of cringing at those four words, be sympathetic; use this as a teachable moment and a starting off point for compromise.

Make a list

Have your child make a wish list. Are they looking for a whole new wardrobe, or is there really just one item they’re eyeballing? What this will do is set a list of priorities to really understand what you are up against.

Show, don’t tell

Research the cost of the coveted item (s) and show your child exactly how much that item would take from the budget.

Contrast this against the cost of a similar, but non-designer item, so that they can see the price difference. You may even want to do a “you can get x number more of this item for the same price” to give it context.

Get resourceful

Now it is time to compromise. If your child still wants the item, they’ve got to contribute (ultimately, it would be great if they made up the difference of the designer price tag).  Birthday money, odd jobs and the like will help.

Explore designer consignment stores, which are a great spot to save money. Try to find knock-offs, which you may be able to get away with for much less. Nevertheless, knock-off purchases will end up costing you in the long run as they are not built to last so spend wisely.