The Frugal New Year’s Party Host

new-years-eveAs the year winds down, your party plans may be ramping up. However, despite the fun and frivolity of New Year’s Eve, it is inconveniently scheduled at the end of the holiday season, when most people are completely tapped out.

Is going out to celebrate more than the budget can handle at the moment, but the thought of hosting an equal challenge to the budget?  A few tips and tricks can orbit you from the couch on New Year’s Eve to partying the night away with friends and family (and still a few dollars in your wallet).


As with all things budgetary, the key to success is in the planning. Consider your guest list, as well as the late hour that the party will run- which could impact both your food requirements and your guest`s expectations.

Send out Invites by email, with a swift request for RSVP. Outline other important information, like theme or type of dress required (if that is a part of your party plans).

Watch the Clock, not Your Wallet

Schedule your party later in the evening- as in after your guests have had their proper dinner, but with plenty of time to chit chat and nosh in advance of the midnight hour.

The timing means that you can get away with little finger foods, appetizers and a snacky-type menu, which is generally far less expensive party fare.

Think outside the NYE Box

If the thought of hosting a big event at the tail end of the celebration-heavy holiday season inside your home  is daunting, come up with some alternatives. Instead of having a traditional New Year`s Eve celebration, consider gathering friends for a New Year`s Eve activity- outside. Dress warmly and head off tobogganing, skating or snowshoeing. Plan to head home for some hot chocolate and snacks to ring in the New Year.


Offer some non-alcoholic beverages and a selection of appetizers, but have your guests bring something to snack on, as well as their own alcohol. This can significantly reduce your overall party bill.


What New Year`s Eve would be complete without an assortment of resolutions?

Get some fancy post-it notes and have guests jot down resolutions when they arrive. Have a central board where guests can post and view each other`s resolutions. Guests can even post suggestions or words of encouragement for each other as they get ready to plunge in to the New Year, resolution ready.

Safety first

New Year`s Eve provides a great opportunity for fun and festivity, but also creates potentially dangerous situations in terms of drinking and driving.

Do research ahead of time, and find out which cab companies frequent your area most often. List cab numbers in a central location in your home, and take care to call them on behalf of the departing guest.

Set up a “crash pad”, with extra beds (if you have them) or at least extra pillows and blankets for late party-goers who would prefer to stay put for the evening.