Thinking of Selling Your Home? Where to Spend Money to make Money

Happy couple.As a homeowner, you may be considering making improvements to your property, simply to reflect your own personal tastes or need for space.

If your goal is to sell your home in the next few months, there is a real strategy on where to spend money to make money in terms of home improvements. Remember that your home is an asset. To realize the return on your investment, then there are areas that will warrant the expense more than others.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is easily the heart of any home and goes far to communicating the overall impression of worth throughout the entire home.

While a dated kitchen may be in good repair and be clean, it suggests that the home itself may be in need of updating. Work in the kitchen can be costly, but it is where you will recoup your biggest gains when you resale.

Putting in new countertops, for instance, is generally not super expensive, and can be done fairly easily. Even if your cabinetry needs an overhaul, but you don’t have the cash to fund a full cabinet replacement, there are steps to take to bring your kitchen closer to this decade.

Paint or reface cabinet doors, creating a uniform, sleeker look. Replace door handles and drawer pulls with something new and shiny- which will lend a subtle, more modern look to the space.

Replacing fixtures, like sink faucets and sprayers is also an inexpensive fix- and heightens the overall glamour factor in the kitchen area.


As far as bang-for-your-buck home improvements go, paint is right up there. Repainting rooms in neutral colours can re-invent a space, while making it appear cleaner and well-maintained.

Neutral colours can also increase the impression of room size, so is particular important in homes with small, boxy rooms or layouts.

The Garage

Want to quickly increase the living space in your home? Clean out your garage! If you are eventually hoping to sell, prospective buyers will appreciate having extra storage space that looks tidy and organized. Or- even a space to park your car (I know of many garage owners who use their garage for clutter, rather than its intended use).

It is worth investing in shelving, both on the sides of the garage, along with the ceiling, if it is feasible, to increase available, organized, storage.

The Bathroom

The bathroom (especially if you have a Master Bathroom) should have the feel of a spa-like oasis, which can be achieved with calm, neutral paint colours, nice, clean, sleek fixtures and fluffy stacked towels. Think of creating a space in which you can escape, with relaxed glee, from your family for a nice bath.

For other, more highly trafficked bathrooms in the house, make sure that toilets are in good working condition and are not cracked. Consider updating the vanity, fixtures and lighting for a more stylish effect.

These small upgrades communicate a message of value, which will convince future buyers to consider your asking price, increasing the return on your investment.