Three tips to save on groceries without coupons

Whilegrocery undeniably useful, coupons are not always the best available tool to save money. The reason for this lies partly at the feet of the shopper themselves (it takes an extra level of planning and commitment which is not always feasible). You are also dependant on the availability of coupons for certain products-which is a variable to introduce into your shopping.

Not to worry- and you can cast that frugal guilt aside. There are numerous ways to still shop smart and leave the coupons at home.

Pick the right store

When it comes to groceries for instance, become accustomed to which stores consistently offer the lowest prices for products you routinely buy, and then go from there.

I did this when my kids were babies with baby formula. I discovered one of the local, smaller grocery stores sold my brand of formula at a much lower price, which represented huge savings over time on my grocery bill. I then, for the year that I used it, did all of my grocery shopping around that cost centre.

Price Match

Do a little digging around before you do your groceries to see where items that you need are on sale (think meat, milk, snacks and other staples). Arm yourself with the info, and ask for the same price. Even if ‘price match’ is not advertised, it is worthwhile asking. The grocery business is competitive, and stores welcome the opportunity to grab up customers.

Consider Alternatives

For instance, better cuts of steak are very expensive. If your family has a red meat craving, opt for lower-quality cuts, like blade or flank steak, which are far cheaper- but still flavourful. You just need to alter your cooking method (i.e. low heat for a long time in liquid or marinate for several hours before cooking).

If you are after chicken, opt for thighs and legs rather than breasts- and always go for bone in. You can spend a couple of extra minutes and debone the meat and save yourself some cash in the meantime.