Time for a weekend getaway!

We all need a break from time to time and it’s even encouraged. Taking a weekend to recharge is good for your productivity and concentration, allowing you to look at your work with new eyes. The downside of needing a break? It can get expensive if you don’t plan well, so here is a handful of handy tips for planning a weekend getaway without letting your money get away from you first!


May 24 - 1Destination: Enjoy the beauty of your own backyard. Don’t take this literally, unless you have a gorgeous backyard. Look into quick trips that are a few hours away. You don’t need to leave the country to escape reality. A camping trip can be just as relaxing as sitting in a hotel room.




May 24 - 2Transportation: If you’re driving to your destination, take a peek at websites like Travelocity and Red Tag because these sites often feature discounted car rentals. Group buying sites also offer discounted train ticket prices if you don’t feel like driving. A very savvy way of getting out of town!




May 24 - 3Accommodation:  GroupOn, Living Social and Buytopia constantly host deals for one to two nights in great hotels at a discounted price. These sites are good for quick trips because hotels are more inclined to offer better deals on a few nights’ stay rather than an entire week.





May 24 - 4Meals: While you are treating yourself, you don’t want to eat all your disposable income that you work so hard for. Try to book an accommodation with a functional kitchenette that you can cook in. Make 1-2 of your meals each day of your mini-vacay (even if it’s just cereal for breakfast!) and go out for one meal rather than all three.


Ready to get away?