Tips to Save Money Consignment Shopping

budget clothes shoppingWith back to school shopping for your kids in high gear, you are likely looking for ways to save a buck here and there. Beyond backpacks and books, one of the biggest cost centres you are going to be up against is back to school clothes.

Even if the thought of buying “used” clothing does not appeal to you, hear me out. The savings may be compelling enough reason to consider it. Like many things frugal though, successful consignment shopping does require a bit of strategy.

Know your shop

Consignment shopping isn’t like your regular retail experience. Get to know which stores have the most quality clothes and brands that you like. There are even stores that specialize in brand names only, which lets you experience the brand name shopping experience at a far more reasonable price.

Once you’ve vetted which stores you’re comfortable with, make a point of getting to know the staff. Unlike regular retailers, much of the good stock might be sold before it hits the floor. Let them know your preferred sizes and styles- and give them your phone number, of course.

Piece by piece

Don’t plan to go to the store and stock up on an entire wardrobe. Think piece by piece. Not only will this be more supportive of your budget, you’ll be more successful in getting what you want. Head into the store looking for what is available in your desired size, with plans to revisit often- because stock will get turned over quickly.

Make money shopping

Before you head to your consignment shop, do a little closet clean out of your own. Focus on clothes for the upcoming season. Not only are you creating room in child’s closet (and possibly yours- many consignment stores that are child-focused offer mom clothing too) you are effectively reducing your clothing spending by being able to apply a credit to your bill. Win win.